Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Boracay-- the best beach in the world

Boracay Beach
is off the north-western tip of Panay Island in the Visayan Region and is about 300kms south of the Capitol of Manila. It has become the number one tourist destination of the Philippines. Travellers from all over the globe come to see the world's most beautiful beach-"White Sands Beach". Boracay is shaped like a dumb-bell, it is 7 km. long and the narrowest spot is nearly 1 km. wide. Land area is approximately 1, 083 hectares with about 6,000 locals. The island belongs to the municipality of Malay in Aklan province and consists of three communities locally called "barangay". Yapak in the northern barangay, Balabag in the central barangay and Manoc-Manoc in the southern barangay. The northern and southern parts of the island rise into picturesque hills, with elevations of 100 meters above sea level which face the sea with weather worn cliffs. This is were you will find the famous Nami Boracay Resort which is perched high atop a cliff face were the most spectacular view can be found. The Island has numerous scattered villages interconnected by a maze of locally carved jungle pathways.The Island boasts of having one of the world's finest beaches - White Beach, a broad 3.5 kilometer stretch of sugary white sand, washed by crystal clear turquoise water. The Island's pure white beaches are a sun worshipper's heaven on earth. If lying on a perfect white beach under the tropical sun sipping some exotic drink forgetting the stresses of life is your conception of relaxation than this is the place for you.


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